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Hi! I'm a British Citizen of Indian Origin currently working with ExxonMobil as Marine Competency Sustainment and Development Manager at their HQ in Houston . I have spend 52 years on this planet earth so far, spread over Asia , Europe and America . Celebrating 25 years of married life this year, blessed with a beautiful family .

I come from Dehradun a place in the foothills of Himalayas close to the place where River Ganges start and famous for its Spirituality and Yoga . Beatles have composed a rare song on Dehradun.

After spending initial 20 years at Doon , my wanderlust to see the world and desire to earn money took me to a shipping career where i sailed for 12 years visiting 80 countries and became Captain of a ship .

In 2001 , moved to a shore job at the to ExxonMobil UK headquarter in Surrey ( A place renowned for Area of Outstanding Natural beauty) and made it home for next 18 years with my family. I am blessed with a beautiful wife , a son (23 years old) and a daughter ( 21 years old).

In 2019 , being a empty nester moved to Woodlands Houston with my better half and that is where I am currently based.

I love discussing financial freedom, ageing , longevity, Hindi poetry, future trends, cognitive science & learning, and human relationships. I travel a lot and have increased the list of countries visited to 112 in the period . I enjoy absurd jokes, and love the use of humour to make us think. You can find me on Linkedin at @https://www.linkedin.com/in/anujgupta6/ . Hit me up any time at [email protected]

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